[singlepic id=51 w= h= float=center] Installation by DOEprojekts — Deborah Adams Doering & Glenn N. Doering Sheen Center for Thought and Culture, NYC, February 23 – April 9, 2017 Our international borders can feel more restrictive than ever. From Brexit, now separating the United Kingdom from the more fluid European Union, to broiling rhetoric and […]

Coreforms and Keywords: Thoughts on Invitations to Interact

Coreforms and Keywords

In the work of DOEprojekts, we invite both art-knowledgeable and art-curious groups and individuals to interact (take action, create movement), engaging situational artifacts and experiences related to cultural Coreforms and Keywords. We have named five initial Coreforms in our art and cultural practice: zero, one, hyphen, swash, period. (circle, vertical line, horizontal line, swash, point). […]

Landmark home

doeorg landmark home

Visually acute viewers of DOEprojekts’ “Landmark home“ may be able to find forms that appear to read “h-o-m-e” in the center of the circle. The idea of “home” can imply rest but also movement. Home is often a place from which things and people originate and to which they return. For us, as artists, we […]

“Wetware/Wetwear” Art Action

“Wetware/Wetwear” Art Action

DOEprojekts worked with an invasive Hudson River species called the Eurasian Water Chestnut, creating a mantle that resembles a life jacket. “Wetware/Wetware” incorporated over 2000 individual Eurasian Water Chestnuts that the artists collected from the Hudson River bank, then polished, drilled, and intricately assembled. The title of the work “Wetware/Wetware” reflects DOEprojekt’s ongoing interest and […]