Coreforms and Keywords: Thoughts on Invitations to Interact

Coreforms and Keywords

In the work of DOEprojekts, we invite both art-knowledgeable and art-curious groups and individuals to interact (take action, create movement), engaging situational artifacts and experiences related to cultural Coreforms and Keywords. We have named five initial Coreforms in our art and cultural practice: zero, one, hyphen, swash, period. (circle, vertical line, horizontal line, swash, point). […]

Place Setting: Chicago Sculpture International Biennial 2014


Shadows of absent Elks’ medals and ribbons are printed on the tablecloth and dinner plates in DOEprojekts’ participatory installation titled “Place Setting.” We consider questions such as “In spaces such as the Elk’s National Veterans Memorial, how is culture ‘fed’ — to our generation and future generations?” and “How are we nourished by such patterns?” […]

Landmark home

doeorg landmark home

Visually acute viewers of DOEprojekts’ “Landmark home“ may be able to find forms that appear to read “h-o-m-e” in the center of the circle. The idea of “home” can imply rest but also movement. Home is often a place from which things and people originate and to which they return. For us, as artists, we […]

BACKBONE Participatory Performance

doeorg Backbone

DOEprojekts has designed and created a unique “mantle” made of African fish vertebrae, Asian bovine bone, and US stainless steel. BACKBONE is a mobile performance that invites participants to interact with the mantle. Archival digital prints and monoprints serve as artifacts related to each performance. Cultural Keywords considered as points of departure related to BACKBONE […]